What We Do

Project Development

Project and long term sustainable programs design including budget strategy, detailed activities, monitoring, and evaluation. The project will be tailor made to meet the defined goals and objectives and bring the required beneficial changes or added values to the company.


Communication Strategy & Stakeholders Engagement

Enhancing company’s reputation through impactful behavior change communication and/or corporate communication. Thorough identification and engagement with key stakeholders to guaranty smooth project implementation and clear distribution of roles and responsibility after the project completion.


Feasibility Study & Research

Performing assessment, baseline, and end line surveys as part of a robust monitoring and evaluation framework. This could include a feasibility study for the project, social mapping, sectorial assessments & project’s evaluation.


Sustainability Report Writing

In accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, well written and certified sustainability report supporting the company to assess and disseminate its sustainability performance, reflecting company’s core options (social, economic, environment and governance).  www.globalreporting.org


Capacity Development

Improving capacity development framework that will enhance company’s human resources knowledge and expertise, training of key stakeholders, community participation and empowerment as required for the project implementation and sustainability.


WASH & Health

Expert on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at the workplace and in the community in line with government programs like STBM (Community Total Led sanitation) or Global Initiative such as WASH Pledge. The project will ensure that targeted population has access to safe water and sanitation and hygiene behavior to reduce water borne diseases and increase health status. www.stbm-indonesia.org , www.wbcsd.org/WASHatworkplace.aspx


WASH & Education

In schools, intervention aims to improve access to safe drinking water and adequate and maintained sanitation facilities as well as educate students on appropriate hygiene behavior to elevate their health condition and therefore, school attendance and performance.


WASH & Environment

Planning WASH projects to correctly collect and dispose of human excreta, wastewater, solid waste and sludge to positively impact communities and ecosystems downstream.  An innovative project such as “bank sampah: (waste bank) or integrated strategies and technologies for the management of organic solid waste, to provide sustainable solutions to environmental conservation. Introducing companies to environmentally friendly solutions such as renewable energy, reforestation, air pollution prevention.